Services Offered

All-Star Fire provides unparalleled service designed to ensure the safety of your buildings and their occupants. We have a team of professionals that are attentive, courteous and resourceful in every interaction.


All-Star Fire installs, services and inspects the most basic to the most sophisticated fire sprinkler systems. From small shops to large facilities, we have the right system for your business.

Fire AlarmsFire Alarms

All-Star Fire carries a full line of fire alarm system components, including panels, horn-strobes, pull stations, pull station protective covers and batteries.


All-Star Fire offers all necessary maintenance and testing for every make and model of extinguisher, including recharges, repairs, 6-year maintenance and hydrostatic testing.


All-Star Fire offers UL Monitoring Protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will monitor your fire system around the clock and be ready to act when the need arises.


All-Star Fire is dedicated to simplifying all your backflow prevention needs, including testing, certification, surveys, service and maintenance.