Markets Served

Whether it be a high rise, mid rise or single story office; any size retail space; industrial, flex or warehouse facility; multi-family apartments or condominiums; or even the smallest retrofit, there is never a concern over the size or nature of the job at hand. From the design to the fabrication and installation, we believe that our customers should be assured of getting the quality service they deserve, without cutting corners.


We understand that an office environment system needs to be designed, fabricated and installed with the utmost care and consideration of the personnel occupying the offices. The system needs to meet all of the NFPA standards while being unobtrusive to the personnel.


We are thoroughly trained and certified to handle your retail project. Whether you have a downtown type environment, strip center or single store, we can provide you with a turn-key operation, from design to fabrication and installation.


Apartments are unique in that units come online throughout the building process. You need a company that has the experience and personnel to insure you have no down time bringing your units online. Whatever your system needs, our crews are fully trained, certified and experienced in all aspects of the job.


We have the experience and trained personnel to design, fabricate and install your system. Whether you have a 1,000,000+ square-foot distribution center, a 500,000+ square-foot freezer facility or a 5,000+ square-foot flex space, you can be assured we will do the job right. We have the personnel and expertise to keep up with your stringent, fast-paced schedule.


We understand that hospitals have unique designs and fire safety code characteristics. We can provide you with a turn-key solution, from design and fabrication of your system in house to installation with certified teams trained in all aspects of your system.


Schools/universities house people of all ages.  The systems in these facilities need to be designed and installed to meet all fire and life safety codes to ensure the property protection as well as early warning/notification to evacuate occupants in a timely manner. We have experience in schools and universities to offer existing system evaluations, proper complaint service of existing systems or turn-key solutions for replacement or upgrades, from design and fabrication of your system in-house to installation with certified teams trained in all aspects of your systems.

Local/State/Federal GovernmentLocal/State/Federal Government

All-Star Fire has extensive government experience including inspections, service, system evaluations, and system installations.  Fire protection systems in government installations must generally meet a higher degree of code compliance depending on the government agency.  ASF has that knowledge as well as the required clearances to work in government buildings from Federal Courthouses to military bases.  Registered fire protection engineer on staff sets us apart from our competitors in this market.